Lesson 16: Get Your Big IDEAS Out There!


  • You will select a meaningful audience to share the product, process, or event with and share it with the Memphis community.

Time to Complete

1 to 2 hours


It’s time to get your Big IDEAS out there!

  1. Reflect on your project again by answering these questions in the Notes tool.
    • Who do you want to reach with your project?
    • How do you want to reach them?
    • How will you make that possible?
  1. You have already considered who your audience is. Now you just need to determine the best way to get your project in front of that audience. This depends on what your product is, and on whom it is meant to have an impact. For example:
  • If the audience is the scientific community, are there meeting groups, salons, or college events where scientists convene?
  • If the audience is one of the local grassroots organizations who provided interviews, should you send the product there? Make a video explaining it? Write a report?
  • If the audience is the general public, can you create a Public Service Announcement and convince the local news station to show what you’ve made and what impact it will have?

Let’s Get to Work

  1. If working with a group, spend a few minutes talking through the best way to share your project with your intended audience.
  2. Create a Big IDEAS task list of what needs to happen for your sharing event or activity. Upload it when you have completed the list.

Let’s Wrap Up

  1. Share your project and report back to the class, or whomever you have been discussing this project with, on what reaction you got from your audience.
  2. Complete the Big IDEAS Self-Reflection Assessment. Upload it when you have finished.

Congratulations on completing POWER Memphis: The Future of Nuclear Energy, and for making a difference in your community with your Big IDEAS! Be sure to upload all of your completed PDFs before moving on to your next course. Also, be sure to share your Big IDEAS on Instagram and use #CaboodleLearning!