Caboodle! is brought to you by the same team behind Cross-Curricular Connections, Inc.

Established in 2000, Cross-Curricular Connections, Inc. (C3) is a full-service, woman-owned business, specializing in custom educational content development.  Founder and President, Sigrid Frandsen, C3 employs Pre-K–12 and higher education experts in all grade levels and subject areas.  Since its inception, C3 has developed educational content for a variety of educational organizations and businesses, including the National Geographic Society, the National Council of Teachers of English, PBS TeacherLine, PLATO Learning, Inc., Capstone Digital, Gareth Stevens/Harcourt School Publishing, the Marriott Foundation, MMS Education, MarcoPolo (Thinkfinity), the National Dairy Council, and Seattle Public Schools.

C3 grew out of a desire to provide quality, engaging, and comprehensive curricula and professional development resources, created for and by teachers.  Sigrid had observed that curricular content was routinely developed by businesses that were externally interpreting the needs and routines of the classroom teacher, and developing materials based on limited knowledge of the reality of the classroom, student needs, and how instructional practices and student assessments are implemented on a daily basis.  C3’s answer to this problem was to develop an organizational structure which ensures that teachers’ experiences, and accuracy in content, are reflected in the curricular content at the same time that student interests, skills, and potential are promoted and continually assessed.

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