If the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that flexibility is the way forward. Formal education is in uncharted waters as teachers all over the world adapt to online learning, many with little notice, where tried and tested methodology and techniques are tested in a virtual classroom.

We’re here to say: Educators – we see you, we hear you, and we can help.

Caboodle! provides you with student-facing, project-based classroom content, allowing you to share real-world, community-focused learning experiences with your students. All of our content is aligned to national standards, and we know you’ll appreciate seeing your students thrive in an atmosphere encouraging problem solving and innovation.

Students need to know that their ideas matter and that they can effect real change in their communities. Whether you are teaching online, or in a classroom, our cross-curricular, blended learning approach helps you provide an environment where students are inspired to experiment, create, and most importantly, be heard.

Since 2000, we’ve been developing content for educational organizations and businesses, including the National Geographic Society, the National Council of Teachers of English, PBS TeacherLine, PLATO Learning, Inc., Capstone Digital, Gareth Stevens/Harcourt School Publishing, the Marriott Foundation, Mattell, MMS Education, MarcoPolo (Thinkfinity), the National Football League, and Seattle Public Schools. Our content has reached tens of millions of students around the world. In fact, you may already be using instructional resources that we created.

Our newest offerings, Caboodle! Big IDEAS design thinking courses, are designed to foster a seamless transition from school to home in the event of an unexpected school closure. Using Caboodle!, your students can continue their school-based instruction in a home environment through a student-driven process that will ensure that they are using what they have learned through direct instruction in a meaningful, authentic way.

Caboodle! provides the tools; you provide the skill, knowledge, and experience that you bring to teaching every day. Let us bring our years of content design experience to support instruction in your classroom, wherever that may be.