(Ages 13+) Have you found that school has become, well, routine? You go to school, do whatever the teacher tells you to do that day and hope whatever you learned sticks. You study, review, take tests. On good days you leave class inspired by what you have learned, and on not so good days, you just leave class. But what if every day could be a good day? What if every day you learned something that not only inspired you, but also helped you make sense of the world around you? What if you could decide what and how you want to learn?

You may be feeling that the world is upside down right now. Your teachers may be new to online instruction, and your family is doing its best to drive you crazy. There may be periods where you can’t leave the house, but you still want to learn.  The creators of Caboodle! understand and have designed learning experiences with you in mind. You’ll learn in a way that works just for you.

But you know better than to trust something you just read on a website. Download the module below (it’s free) and take a look. Maybe show your parents – or whoever is helping you with at-home instruction – and see what they think. We’re pretty sure that once they see how easy we make it for to help you learn, they’ll want to know more.

If everyone is having a good time learning, life in your house could be less chaotic, and that can only be a good thing!

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