We all know by now that it takes a village to raise a child, and Caboodle! is here to help. At-home learning may be something new for your family, thanks to stay-home orders, or perhaps you homeschool year round but could use some inspiration. Caboodle! does the work for you, with engaging and comprehensive lessons designed by teachers and education professionals, allowing you to focus on your homeschool dynamics – whether you have a designated room for class, or just a corner of the dining room table.

With Caboodle! you can trust that content is designed to promote your child’s interests, skills, and potential. Learning is purposeful, with a variety of instructional approaches based on collaborative, student-driven models. Just as your toddler didn’t learn to speak by patiently learning grammatical rules and vocabulary lists, so your older child will benefit from a curriculum with hands-on, real world, experiential learning supporting direct instruction. You wouldn’t hand your teenager the car keys simply because they passed a road safety quiz. You would provide multiple opportunities to cultivate the practical skills needed to safely drive a car, with guided instruction to make sure they don’t head down the wrong path – both metaphorically and literally. Similarly, using cross-curricular, inquiry-based learning, Caboodle! allows your child to authentically engage with the learning process, preparing them for the rigors of the educational road ahead.

All lessons meet state, national and Common Core standards, and are designed by teachers and educational professionals with thousands of hours of classroom and curricular design experience. Since 2000, we’ve been developing content for educational organizations and businesses, including the National Geographic Society, the National Council of Teachers of English, PBS TeacherLine, PLATO Learning, Inc., Capstone Digital, Gareth Stevens/Harcourt School Publishing, the Marriott Foundation, Mattell, MMS Education, MarcoPolo (Thinkfinity), the National Football League, and Seattle Public Schools.

Let Caboodle! help you provide quality, meaningful lessons for your child with interdisciplinary approaches to foster creative activity, drawing on your child’s experiences and social context as well as including their voice in the learning path design.

You just need to find a corner of the dining room table!